Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jazz Monsters

A few groups are keeping jazz alive out there.  Recently we had the privilege of hearing once again the Baja Yetis.  First thing I have to say is, "Why are there no CD's yet?  There must be CD's."

I mentioned (implored?) that to their sound engineer, who said he was recording their performance that particular evening we heard them.  What a perfect night it was for jazz/funk/soul, too.  And, so, the next time we hear these guys, the Baja Yetis (there's plug #2), I hope we can pack 'em home with us.

The rain held off mostly that evening, only an occasional mist, nothing bothersome, and the Yetis played (and played, 'cause we could tell it was pure playground fun for them)magic for our small yet fanatical group.  They, protected by the porch, us protected by hats/trees/umbrellas.

These cats keep alive the sounds of Mr. Coltrane and Mr. Davis, and pure '70's soul/funk/rock.

From where did they arise?  No idea, perhaps there truly are abominable snowmen in California.  But, they be here now, and I shall hear them again.  And, so should you.  If I'd had a lighter, I'd have held it up for them.

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